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.NET code Protection

Assemblies are obfuscated, then method bodies are replaced by corruped code; decompilation and disassembly tools like ILDASM can no more unassemble methods.

Components Protection

dotNet Protector builds a new .Net assembly. This new feature enables not only exe protection, but dll as well. ASP.Net is supported by dotNet Protector.

Evaluation Generator

dotNet Protector can generate a limited executable. You can choose executable lifetime (in days): your program wont launch beyond this limit. You also choose to limit execution time in minutes.
No modification to your code is necessary to produce an evaluation version.

Script usage

dotNet Protector also has command-line application (dotNetProtectorConsole.exe); You can protect your code immediately after compilation by adding an after generation event in your visual studio project; then protection is automatically performed after compilation.

Subscription (Enterprise) Features

New ! Android Protector

dotNet Protector Enterprise subscription will soon include a protector for Android (apk). A preview is already in the current entreprise package. Note: this protector will apply only to native (not .NET) android applications. This preview is still limited in features but will let you try our future android protector.

Secured resources

A custom atribute lets you define any resource that you wish to protect. Those ressources are then encrypted and available to your assembly only.

Software Activation

A hardware lock system is integrated with dotNet Protector. Running your program can depend on a valid unlock key. Configuration collection and activation code generation are embedded features of dotNet Protector. Configuration comparison and unlock key generation functions are built in dotNet Protector.

Activation Services

Your subscription gives you access to our activation services. You can create and manage your licenses with License Studio, a customizable tool. An activation wizard provided in source code can be included in your program to support activation.

You choose which activation mode you allow (computer, USB device, SMBIOS, MAC address, user account). You can create multiple network licenses (per site, per device, per user, per concurrent device, per concurrent user).

Per feature licensing

You can protect methods in your program individually, thanks to a custom attribute that defines the functional level required in the license. You can assign up to 8 separate features, or 8 functional levels.

Try dotNet Protector

Not convinced? Try dotNet Protector at no risk!

Download is anonymous and e-mail support is free for everyone (registered users get higher priority). In demo mode you'll be able to explore all features. The demo never expires, only protected assemblies expire after 5 days. This allows you to calmly prepare your assemblies for dotNet Protector. You're welcome to ask for help if you have any issue: dotnetprotector [at]

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